I have my tunes tied 7 yrs ago iv had my period but I feel a 5 month baby moving inside am I pregnant

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Last week I felt a moving object and it also felt like tge baby was in my ribs I have a huge lump on the left side like it's the bottom of the baby. Every time I eat at night the object gets hard and moves. Usually I know when I pregnant I have a unusual hick up , my nipple are darker and I'm either tired with a girl or energetic when I'm having a boy. My nipples are alil sore and I can say Iv been crying alot due to a event in my life and I very constipated I do sent feel like gas it really feels like I'm 5 months


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I'm not pregnant I was constipated. Damn iv never felt that way I really kept on feeling a baby move every time I would eat it drove me crazy!
I should have known I always know when I pregnant but since I'm under alot of stress I thought that I was just not paying attention to my body. Thanks to everyone who responded!

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Most likely gas, or intestinal discomfort.

If not, it could be ectopic pregnancy, but either way, the only way to know is to see a physician.

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I took 2 home test that were negative but I'm under alot of stress and my last 2 periods were 2 weeks early . I'm on the way to a walk in a non emergencie clinic now. I guess we will see what happens!

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