I have no sex drive, is it normal?

Doris - posted on 01/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have no sex drive, but my husband says I always play with him while I am sleeping. So I guess when I am asleep I want it but when I am awake, I could care less. I watch a Special Needs little boy that is 3, I get him at 5 every morning his mom works and if it is a week day, I take him to school when I take my 9 tear old daughter to school. Me and my 5 yr old comes home and then I take him to school around 11:30, so I clean and do clothes and all the normal momma duties around the house while they are at school.. My husband works from 7 to 3:30 Mon thru Fri. Honestly, I never want to have sex with him... Ever! We have been married for almost 2 years now... He had 3 children and I had 2 from previous relationships... We have none together and I have my tubes ties... Within the last year I could care less if we ever have sex, I have no desire to be with him or anything. And I feel terrible bc he always wants it and I never want to... Is it me? or do you think it is him? No affection runs in both sides of my family... My mom wasn't an affectionate person while I was growing up... But I am always loving on my kids... I always swore I would never be that way towards my kids... but now I am not affectionate towards my husband... I need help please!


Trinity River - posted on 01/26/2013




Hey Mama. I know that having your tubes tide in spirit sense could be blocking you. Your Biological Primal feelings have departed. Look into an amazing Root called MACA. Try Yoga, or running, or some sort of exercise that will help you feel better about you. You obviously recognize that there is something disfunctional, so your obviously rational. Dont take on other peoples responsibilities and know that taking care of a Special needs person is a Special Job. Sweet Blessings.

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