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I have seperated from my husband he is refusing to see his four childen all together deespite lying to the CSA that he is having them all two nights a week and saying that he is legally entitled to have them and seem them seperately and not all together does anyone know if this is true that he can break up the kids and pick and chose who he sees and when?


Jodi - posted on 05/31/2012




Clare, what country are you in? Here in Australia, a parent can't just declare to CSA how often they have a child without either a court order OR the other parent agreeing to it.

Do you have a court order? If so, what does it say? If not, then get one.

Gwen - posted on 05/31/2012




Document everything. Keep records of phone calls, visits, cancellations, money, etc. When you meet with your lawyer or go to court, the more documentation you can provide, the stronger your case.


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Clare - posted on 05/31/2012




No he has told me repeatedly that its so I cant go out and meet anyone meaning men which I have no interest in at all. Also I allowed him to take the boys seperately and when it came to the girls turn he just disappeared and turned his phone off, so he doesnt follow through on what he arranges. He has also cancelled on all of them at the last minute and even tried to throw them out when I dropped them around as he had arranged, so i really dont believe its for the children,s best interest that he is doing this

Louise - posted on 05/31/2012




Not sure about this one. I suppose as long as he is seeing all the kids and not leaving any out that he is entitled to see them when he chooses and not all together. In fact one on one with dad is probably better for the kids as they get his full attention. It is just a night mare for you. Ask him why he is doing this and if it is to be difficult take advice, it may just be he simply cant cope with 4 at the same time!

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