I have sole physical custody and now again I am going to court as my ex decided after I tried to get child support again from him that he wants custody. He has made some real bad allegations which are not true, one of the allegations are that I have several men over sleeping with me that our 2 kids cannot count on hteir fingers how many. This stated in the court document. He is a abuser, and a manipulator that is why I divoced him. I am so afraid that he will win and get the custody due to the false allegations. This has been going on since i left him and filed for divorce, how can I get this to stop and can I take him to court for deflimation of charatcter or slander???


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Lacye - posted on 08/04/2012




You need to get a lawyer. I doubt he will be able to get custody because in order to use that particular grounds, he would have to have a lot of proof that it's true. Even then, it might not even matter because in most states, the mothers almost always gets custody of the children.

Chaya - posted on 08/04/2012




If he's that bad, he'll get caught eventually, purgery can result in a prison sentence. I'm sure his manipulation, etc, is well documented in the courts, he won't likely be believed.

Tina - posted on 08/04/2012




Keep a diary of everything he says does etc. Get good legal advice. Also have you got close friends and relatives that can be a character witness for you and back you up. Also anybody who has seen his behaviour that can back you up. None of things are abusive in your case. He can't stop you from seeing men even if it were true. As for the finger counting thing I'm sure some adults have trouble with that it's not a big deal. Just would require extra tutoring. If he were accusing you of not feeding them or hitting them. He might have a case. All he has is what he says no physical proof that you're a bad mum.

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