I have twin girls 10 months old and pregnant again! my due date is 16th July so the twins will be 13 months when the baby is born! Anyone have a similar situation?? We had IVF for the twins because we couldnt get pregnant tried for 3.5 years 7 artificial inseminations and then eventually IVF and then 6 months after the twins were born i some how get pregnant naturally!! its crazy but i suppose a blessing as well... just want to know if anyone is in or had a similar situation??


Kaitlin - posted on 03/28/2012




Word! ;) My boys are less than 13 months apart, and we're due in July with another too (3 under 3) and while my attempts to get pregnant weren't quite as intense as yours, it did take us over a year of active trying with help. I know that for many who have had trouble getting pregnant, once they do get pregnant, it resets their body, so to speak. SHAZAM.

It will be crazy, wonderful, and probably better than you expect it to be. Play with dolls a lot if you don't already, rocking, hugging, kissing, nice gentle touch, etc..... Good luck supermom!

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