I have twins boy and girl nearly three , my son has a blackest not a big one but he sleeps with it and two sheep! If he gets told off he calls for his blacket etc, I have told him he can pick it up and not me but he won't, I have tried walking away and he will push books of a shelve or some thing and then run back and cry still calling, I don't know what to do because my daughter starts at same time! So I lost to know what to do, help


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Holly - posted on 10/18/2012




this is the time that children try to "test" their boundaries... if your son throws a fit, he needs to be punished for it. set him in a "cool off" chair or "time out" chair then when he is done "cooling off" talk to him about appropriate behavior he can exhibit when he feels certain ways.

Elfrieda - posted on 10/18/2012




Maybe he needs some comfort after you scold him? I don't know exactly what you're saying: he wants his comfort blanket after being scolded and then has a tantrum if you don't get it for him?

With my son, he needs a bit of cuddle time after being told "no", especially if my voice was too stern. I always ask, "Do you want a hug?" after he has a tantrum or I have said no to something and often he will say yes. I take him on my lap and talk to him about something soothing, like recapping anything fun we did that day, or talking about what we can see out of the window. I think some kids are extra sensitive to conflict, and they need to make sure that mom still loves them after there has been some butting of heads.

I would not go and get the blanket for him, but I would offer a hug so he can feel better.

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