I have two kids a fourteen year old and a three year old. My kids father was nice to me before I ended up pregnant with our oldest child which is a girl. He was cheating on me with a girl that already had two kids by two different guys. Can you believe he got both of us pregnant at he same time and he was their for the birth of my child but he was there for the birth of her kid and sign her birth cert but not my kid. I remeber taking her to see him he held her for about 10 mintues and he said it was time for us to go because he had companying coming over my feeling was crush. He also made me feel bad by saying his other baby came over, and he rock her to sleep and gave her a bottle. And he also told me that the clothes he brought he paid more for his other daughter's clothes than my daughter it hurt my feelings. I never did anything to him and he dog me through my pregnacy she was playing on my phone and he believe what she said he told me off and I started to throw up while being five months pregnant. His sister lie on me and she is always talking about me behind my back, and his mother dogged my daughter out at a birthday party my kid was the first one their and she looked over her and served her daughter kids then his other kids by the other women next, and my kid last and she is fourteen years old and he doesn't call her or spend time with her. He has moved on and got married to a differnt girl and got married and everytime I see her she is trying to fight me. And he has two kids with her and pay more attention to them.


Jodi - posted on 08/19/2012




Your oldest is 14, and you are still carrying this around with you? You need to accept it and move on.

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