I have two kids my son is 10 and my daugther is 6, both are from different dad. I dont have contac with any of the dads of my kids since they were 2 years, so my son has'nt seen his dad in 8 years and my daugther in 4, my question is i need to file for full custody for both because i aply for their passport and they ask me for a letter from there dad or a court order honestly i dont know where are they now (my kids dad's) so how did i am going to file for custody with out knowing where are they? its posible that i will win or what could be the worse case to happend?


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Dove - posted on 09/28/2012




Definitely talk to a lawyer. If you haven't had any contact whatsoever with these men in 4-8 years the chances of you getting full custody are quite good, but it depends on your area and that particulars of your case.

Kathy - posted on 09/28/2012




Honestly it depends on why state you live in. Best thing to do would be to talk to a family lawyer. They specialize in the family law and would know exactly what you would have to do and even be able to help. I know in Ohio you could go to the courts and file paperwork for full custody and would have to attempt to let the father's know via newspapers and stuff. The only downside is they could get the message and come back into their lives by doing this. So my best advice is speak to a lawyer.

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