I haven't got time to be sick...I'm a mom!

Jacqui - posted on 11/13/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




This weekend just past I got sick. Really really yucky sick. To the point that I ended up spending the entire weekend in bed….apart from when I was visiting the toilet of course.

I was lucky. It was a weekend and Hubbie was home to look after the kids which, with birthday parties, swimming and other activities on, was a life saviour. (Hubbie, however, was none-too-pleased. He sweetly whispered to me on Sunday night ‘Thanks for a great weekend, honey….’).

What happens, however, when you’re sick on a weekday and there is no-one else around to help you out?? Well, you just haven’t time to be sick, have you?

I remember pre-children when I had to call in sick to work, it was normal to go to bed for the day and wake up 24hours later feeling refreshed and ready to get back on track. Indeed, men have got it right. When they are sick, the world stops. They go to bed for the entire day (even if there are children running around the place) and they stay there. We mums Sssshh the children and nobody is allowed to disturb Dad. Right?

When my eldest, Jack was a baby, I put him into daycare fulltime so I could return to work. My father-in-law used to jokingly call it The Petrie Dish as it was full of so many germs and indeed Jack, who had been very well for the first 8 months of his life, suddenly got swallowed up by germs and bugs and didn’t do even ONE full week of daycare without being sick, for his entire duration there. I, as Chief Carer, duly picked up every bug he brought home and I still have visions of crawling around the hallway on my hands and knees, sick as a dog, whilst my baby, who was by now feeling much better, wanted attention and cuddles.

Now the children are older, I only have between 9.30 – 11.30am in the morning to be sick (as that’s the only time I have free to myself). Every other time of day I need to be on top form, ready to provide meals, refreshments, play dolls houses, tea parties and trains when required and read stories in an upbeat manner, ensuring that all characters appearing in a story each have their own ‘voice’. And, for those of you saying “just turn on the TV”…you’re not sick for a 30minute TV show, are you? You’re sick for an entire day so putting on the TV for 30mins or even an hour is not going to help you when you are spending your entire day crawling between the bedroom and the bathroom. And pick-ups from Kindy and/ or School, as well as childrens’ mealtimes, baths and bedtimes don’t stop either so – really, my conclusion is that, if you’re a Mum – you just don’t have time to be sick. So, don’t even think about it.

Jacqui Lockington


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