I just found out I'm having a boy and I'm only 3 months pregnant!!

Dana - posted on 04/21/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Sooo I went to the perintology today to check my baby for Down syndrome and I quickly noticed something that made me cry but also a little happy.....a Penis!!! I have two boys and really wanted a girl. However,I'm blessed with two wonderful boys and this one will be just as joyful. Anyways, If you're at the perintology, it is possible for you to see the penis. I'm not sure for a girl but I definitely know for a boy. The lady said she is 99.9% sure it's a boy and I am 99.9% sure it is too after seeing that it was definitely a penis!! I will keep you guys updated by June if anything changed but it is possible to know the sex of a boy at an early stage!!!


Ashley - posted on 04/22/2014




I also had 2 boys when I got pregnant with my third. When I was 11 weeks pregnant with him I started bleeding really bad and went to the er. They did an ultrasound and when the lady was doing it, she said I shouldnt tell you this because its still to early to really be able to tell, but im pretty sure your having a boy. Then she showed me and gave me pictures, even though she wasnt supposed to since I was getting the sonogram only to make sure the baby was ok. But, of course, she was right. I also wanted a girl. I always wanted 2 boys and then a girl. And when I went for the ultrasound later on to see the babys sex, they confirmed it was a boy. I didnt look at it until they told me what he was. I cried at first cuz I really wanted a girl but as soon as I looked at the screen I wasnt reallysad anymore. He was so cute sucking his thumb in my belly and I told myself there was so reason to be sad or upset as long my baby was healthy, it didnt matter if it was a boy or girl. I would love itunconditionaly just like the 2 I already had. Now, he is 3 years old and I wouldnt change him for anything. Hes beautiful and smart and is very healthy and he is such a mommas boy. Im very content with my 3 boys. Every now and then I still wish I had a girl but I wouldnt give my boys up for it and I dont want anymore kids so I got my tubes tied.

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