I just found out im pregnant and my boyfriend dies a week ago.

Natasha - posted on 05/27/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I was already a single mom and me and my boyfriend were together for 2 years. We were not really trying, bit recently he discussed him wanting children really badly. We just wasnt ready. As soon as i found out he died in a tragic accident, the next day i found out i was pregnant. I took two test and its positive. I'm about14 days late now. I'm such a reck. I hardly have family,my mom died 3years ago and i have friends but they all are married. They say they can help but with my current child nobody really has time. The other father is not in my son's life and I'm just low in self esteem. I'm praying everyday but I'm just scared and lonely... I'm suppose to break the news to his mother and sister tomorrow. Oh and i barely know them too well... smh...


Lindsey - posted on 05/27/2014




I'm so sorry for your loss, sweet girl. I know this is such a difficult time for you, but you will love this child once it is here and you will make it. I would encourage you to bring his mother and sister on board. They will probably be thrilled to know that a piece of their son & brother will live on in your child and will be a huge help to you. Embrace them as family and allow them into your life. I will keep you in my prayers! (((Hugs!!)


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/27/2014




My condolences for your loss.

Stay strong. You never know, you may be giving his mother & sister the best news they could hear right now, that their loved one will be alive in this new life.

Good luck!

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