I just found out my 9 yr boy has add is doctor suggested I put him on adderal don't know what to do


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Michelle - posted on 04/26/2012




It depends on how severe the add is you can try the feingold diet and there are other things you can try that are herbal to help deal with his ADD. However that being said Adderal has some of the fewest side effects and does work if it is the right med for your child. My son has severe ADHD and the diets and other treatments did not work so we had to go with meds. My son has been on Adderal xr since he was 4 we have never had to change his meds just increase the dosage since he is now 11 and way bigger than he was at 4. The only side effects we have encountered is a loss of appetite to which we just sat him down and explained that hungry or not he has to eat a certain amount of food each day to stay healthy and so he eats what I put in his lunch and has each meal. I just make sure I don't give him any more or less than what is healthy for a child his age and make sure he eats it all. The other was just recently he had severe constipation again something he can control and stay on top of. He had stopped eating the fruit in his lunch which is his daily supply of fibre so his body reacted he started up with his fruit and the issue went away.

Jennifer - posted on 04/26/2012




I just heard about a new treatment - Interactive Metronome. I believe that is the program my step-son has been using. He is in college now and totally off the meds he took all throughout school.

Anna - posted on 04/25/2012




Ugh, medications. I'd get a second opinion, personally. If he does indeed have ADD, there are a lot of alternatives like therapies and such that can make a difference without adding medication to the mix.

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