I just need some advise about my mom. They should make one of these for teenagers. Cause we need advise to.

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Ok, I've been looking for a site that would give me advise. I don't have a child i'm only 16, but about 4 years ago I put my mom through alot of crap with Child Pretective Services. I told them that she drang to the point of black out. I've never met my real dad.. She met a man whitch shes been with for 7 years. He does nothing around the house, He actully has gotten alot better since CPS/DCS. My mom ever since that. She has brought me down every single day! She just wont let it go. She drinks alot but I mean she gets mad if I bring alcohol up... but I only do cause she brings dcs up. She even told me she wanted to bring me down. It hurts :( someone help. ALOT Of stuff did happen. It lasted about 6 months but I honestly belive that alot of stuff improved since then. She always brings it up and puts me down.. It really hurts. She never tells me shes loves me. Its just hard.


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This is supposed to be a site only for moms, so I'm sure someone is going to flag this and you'll probably get banned.

But besides that, you need to get some help.

Talk to a school counselor or some other trusted adult, especially one in a professional capacity (like a counselor or therapist, even a teacher, principal, coach, etc).

If things are that bad at home, try to find somewhere else to go. Family members or friends or something like that. Try to get a job, any job. It may be difficult to work and go to school, but you may have to start supporting yourself, at least partially. It looks better for you if you go to people you trust (friends, family) with a plan before just jumping in and asking them to take you in.

If you go in and say *look, I'm having it really rough at home. I can't deal with it anymore. I need a place to stay. I have a job at *where ever* and I can give you $X per month/week to help pay for my keep.*

Then go through with it. Don't just cheap out a couple months later. If you lose the job, you spend every free moment finding another one. You rake leaves or shovel snow or walk dogs or whatever as a stop gap measure.

If you find someone else to live with, you respect them 100%. You clean up your messes, you help around the house. You follow the rules, even if you don't agree with them.

If you want to try staying at home, there's not much you can do about your mother. She is an adult making her own (apparently poor) decisions. All I can suggest is get a job (out of the house more, less dealing with her), save every penny you possibly can, finish school, and get the heck out as soon as you turn 18 and can get your own place. It IS only 2 more years. It may be tough, but sometimes we have to do what we have to do. We can only change and make ourselves better. You can't change, or help your mom if she doesn't want it.

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