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Breyona - posted on 04/23/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 17 years old I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, I've been on and off with her father for 3 years. He's abusive he's cheated I've never been treated lower than what he makes me feel but.I.can't leave . No-one else gets me this attached is it something.to do with him being the father of.my daughter he also.took my virginity I just want out but I can't bring.myself.to leave he.doesn't even seem tocare about my baby.


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Valeria - posted on 04/23/2015




Dove is right, if the relationship is bad don't stay in it. It will hurt because yes he is the father and he will always be the father of your child no matter what, but you need to start fresh and make yourself and your daughter happy. It is so much better to be alone than to have to carry a ton of weight on your shoulder for someone else. The father of my child and I argued every day, it never got physical but the things we would say to each other were so hurtful. Once your reach a level that you cant reverse it is better to leave it. I have only ever been with the father of my child as well and it is hard because you never imagined your life turning into what it is now. Its hard to let go, but trust me, once you do it feels amazing, no more worried about him, what he does, who h e's with, nothing, it is all about your baby her needs and yourself. live for your baby she is the number 1 priority. Best wishes :)

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