I just read an article on a mom leaving her kids in the car....

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There are always stories about parents leaving the kids in the car. Not all of the stories have happy endings. I read an article on Yahoo by a mom who actually did this and she got caught. Her kids had been sick and one had gone to school that day. She had been up all night with the little one and was not feeling good herself for lack of sleep. When she picked up her other child, he got sick before leaving the school. She decided to go to the store and get a few things; and instead of taking the kids with her inside to get the items needed, she leaves them in the car with the windows down some and the sun roof open to let in air on a cloudy 60ish degree day. When she returned 15 minutes later there were cops and people gathered around the car. The man that was there with the cops told them as he was questioned that he had been by the car for 30 minutes and she told the cops she was gone 15. She was told the temp in the car had gotten to 85 and she swears it could not have gotten that high. They questioned her and then cited her. She had visits from child protection and had to comply to different things for three months. To me that was not wise move on her part. So what do you think?


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Yup. Ive been left alo e in a car as a child... With my younger siblings still in car seats. Now, sometimes this is obviously very wrong... But I dont see an issue (outside of the modern window smashing/cop calling... Ugh) if a child is old enough to unbuckle themselves, and exit the car, turn the key for AC, occupy themselves flipping the radio station... I think sometimes people are way too quick to call the authorities, and actually lack the concern to talk to the child and see if something is truly wrong. Usually... I would say, THAT is the biggest danger in granting your children any degree of freedom.

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It is a touchy subject. My mom used to leave us in the car often, when she was just running in to grab a quick item. Never in extreme temperatures, and never for more than 10 minutes. I have been very tempted to leave a sleeping infant home when I had to go collect the others from school. However, I always worried that I'd get in an accident or something would delay me, so I always brought the babies along. There is a casino in our town and at least once a year we hear that a child as left the the car while mom or dad was inside gambling.
Checkout this video showing adults what it feels like to be strapped into the backseat of a car.

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TBH, I left the boys a time or two when they were younger (either too ill to warrant running them in with me, or too damn cold in the negative temps). HOWEVER: The vehicle was always in my full view (small town living...awesome parking), and running with either heat or AC on depending on weather.

Yes, there are those stupidly irresponsible parents who will leave the baby in the damn car to go to their salon appointments, etc, and those idiots shouldn't have been allowed to reproduce in the first place, let alone retain custody.

I did have a cop tell me that I was neglecting my TEN YEAR OLD one day when he wanted to stay in the car and read while I went grocery shopping. TEN!!! At which point, RB very politely pointed out that he was old enough to know if he was in distress...

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