I just recently found out I'm pregnant, this is my first child and I'm clueless, help?

Melodie - posted on 02/10/2011 ( 18 moms have responded )




Any helpful hints for sleeping, eating, exercise or just babies in general is very much appreciated! :D


Mabel - posted on 02/10/2011




Lots of good foods like fruits and vegetables .Limit the fast food and no coffee or sodas.Take Tylenol and NO Ibuprofen.Get lots of sleep and stay active.Hope this helps and CONGRATS!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/11/2011




Hey Melodie congratulations first off!

Secondly, we were all clueless with our first pregnancy. There is no way to fully be prepared. Just take your vitamins, drink PLENTY of water, try to eat healthy. Do not incorporate any new excercise..but do your normal daily routine unless directed otherwise by midwife or doctor. Once again, congratulations!

Firebird - posted on 02/11/2011




Do not be afraid to assert yourself as mother if a situation calls for it. For example, my ex's cousin once asked us if she could give our then 8 month old daughter a sucker, after we said no, she proceeded to hand it to my daughter anyway. I damn near yelled at her "we said NO!" I probably wouldn't have snapped so quickly, but this family was constantly trying to feed her absolute crap. I'm also the kind of person who, if I have to say no twice, you aren't going to like it the second time. Point is, there will likely be someone you know who keeps trying to step out of line....you are the momma, what you say goes.

Kara - posted on 02/10/2011




Congratulations! Here's my bit o' advice :-)
Prenatal vitamins, fresh fruit, veggies, cut back significantly on caffeine, pop, etc. I highly recommend taking a prenatal class, chat with other mom's, but take people's advice with a grain of salt. Everyone has an opinion over everything (breastfeeding, delivery, circumsions, etc, etc). You will know your body best...if you feel that anything is weird or off...then you get to your doctor asap. People can call you silly, irrational, etc, but its your body, your baby and your health.
Also, take photos of yourself as you progress...perhaps every week to document the amazing changes, keep track of when you hear the heart for the first time, feel the first kick...this can all be written down in the baby book later on. Plus...its a happy memory :-) I could keep going, but I know you will continue to get great advice. Just soak up the amazing experience of growing a baby in ya!

Jennifer - posted on 02/10/2011




When you are tired, sleep. When you are hungry, eat (healthy). When your feet hurt, sit down and put them up. Basically, do whatever your body tells you, and pamper yourself, because your body is doing an amazing job. Also get the book What to Expect When You Are Expecting. My first OB told me that he wishes it were required reading for every pregnant woman, and sure does help when you have a question in the middle of the night. I have 4 kids, and think I have had just about every uncomfortable symptom there is. If you ever have a question, just message me (I don't care how gross or digusting you think the question may be). I may not be abke to give you every answer, but will sure help if I can!


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Nicole - posted on 02/13/2011




i searched for a doctor who promoted my views to birth and did alot of research on him before i chose him. i had a wonderful birthing experiance and honestly said straigh after the birth that i'de do it again right there and then! (not quite sure my fufu agreed with me though!)

hope you have a happy, healthy and uneventful pregnancy xx

Joanna - posted on 02/13/2011




Educate yourself with some good books on birth. I would not recommend What to Expect When you are Expecting. The Thinking Woman's Guide To a Better Birth (by Henci Goer), Pregancy and Childbirth (by Sheila Kitzinger), The Birth Book (by Dr. Sears) are all good choices. Do not blindly listen to your doctor, and find a doctor that shares your birth vision. Educate yourself so that you are getting the best care you can get. Take a good childbirth ed. class.
eat lots of protien, lots of veggies, and drink lots of water! Listen to your body~ if you are tired, nap. hungry, eat healthy foods. Exercise according to what you are used to.
Above all else~ enjoy your pregnancy! Congratulations and God Bless!

Sarah-Jayne - posted on 02/13/2011




My sister bought me a copy of What to Expect When you are Expecting. Brilliant it covers all the unglamourous bits that people don't talk about. I now have What to Expect the First Year and also What to Expect the Toddler Years and still really rate them. Enjoy your pregnancy and sleep in when you can it will be your last chance for a long time. I also found walking and swimming great excercise.

Blackwood - posted on 02/12/2011




First advise for sure would be not too smoke at all. As far as other advise. Get sleep when you can and as often as you can. Don't worry if dishes are in the sink or the vaccum has sat in the corner for a week. You may not have time to shower or too do laundry. Give yourself a treat,even something as simple as a body spray you like or a lipgloss you put on. You may struggle with the new role as a mom and your "old self". Don't worry eventually you'll figure it out. My son is 18 months and I still am. Do what you feel is right, don't worry about what other mom's are doing or what you are not doing. Watch out for post pardum and if you need help, get it. You're emotions maybe be all over the place pregos and as a new mom. I joined a mom's group and over a year later there is 6 of us that get together one evening a week, some bring thier children, some don't but either way you get out with other woman that are in the same stage of life as you are. If you feel like you should make a doc's apt too make sure all is well if your pregos or for your child, go ahead and do it. Don't worry about looking like a protective mom. If you are in a relationship, it'll change a bit (not saying badly, but you both are in new roles). My husband and I set a standard from the beginning to say Thanks for doing stuff around the house, we thank each other for the simple things. Sometimes you forget or want too hear it more often, but if you at least hear it sometimes, it can relieve alot of tension. Congrats, you are going too feel the most intense, nature amazing love in the world. This is the one person in your life that you didn't have to get to know before you loved them, you just do. Best wishes.

Melodie - posted on 02/12/2011




Just some more things about me for ya guys, I smoke occasionally, I don't drink coffee, pop occasionally, I'm not much for sweets in general and the only craving I've been getting is pickles (I hate pickles haha) I've been waiting to go to the doctors, first appointment is Monday. I haven't had an ultrasound or anything yet, but, I'd say I'm about a month along :P

Thanks everyone again for the support, it means alot and I will definately take into consideration everything everyone has said! :D

Amanda - posted on 02/12/2011




Congratulations! How far along are you?
I found out when I was 3 months pregnant. I stopped the caffeinated drinks right away (I am a coffee LOVER); however, I couldn't always stick with that, so I drank soda sometimes, but usually not more than once a week. Make sure you take your prenatal vitamins. Sleeping early on is easy; it gets hard in the last month! (At least, that's what happened to me). My doctor told me exercise is great but not to get the heartrate over 130. I am overweight, so my doc told me to use the Diabetics 2000 calorie diet filled with fruits and veggies. However, it's your first pregnancy! Enjoy it! :)

Kim - posted on 02/12/2011




Most important thing to do is to listen to your doctor, take notes if you have to....

I wasn't perfect...but...with my daughter I went by the books...took all caffine, chocolate out of my diet and stopped smoking. She is a chronic asthmatic.

With my son, I didn't stop smoking but did limit them to 10ciggs or less...what my first doctor told me to do with my daughter. I still drank my ddp...but limited them to two a day. I ate 5lbs of oranges every two days, drank lots of V8 no salt added, took walks and when my son was born the doctor said she never saw a emb. cord as clean as mine was...told her what I did...she couldn't believe it, said it was cleaner than a nonsmokers. My son does have allergy asthma...but the older he gets the lesser the problem it is.

One of the bestest things that are important, is for you to be happy and not to stress out. If you do things like ciggs, or caffine limit them and then use a good natural antitoxin like oranges or grape juice or v8...get plenty of rest, make sure if you are feeling very sluggish to let your doctor know incase your low in iron. Make sure you doctor is aware of any and all meds. over the counter or perscriptions...that is a must!!!! Take your vitamens because the baby is somewhat like a parasite...I know that didn't sound good but please look at it scienifically...if you don't get your daily requirement it will pull it from your body, and you will be the one lacking! Thats why so many mothers before they are pregnant their teeth are fine and once they have the baby and go to the dentist they find they have a mouthfull of cavities. Always pay attention to your blood pressure, and your blood sugar level...if you have any questions never be afraid to ask your doctor, no question is stupid!

Play music...soothing is best but you pick which you want, read outloud because your baby will recognize your voice as soon as they are born. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband would play his guitar on my belly and sing. As soon as she was born and they placed her on the table to clean her, her dad called her honeybunnies, she twisted her body and turned her head back to look right at him. The doctor and nurses couldn't believe it back then (1986). They are amazing, and bring alot of joy into your life. They grow so fast, don't miss out on one second!

Congrats Melodie and I wish you and your family the best!

Melodie - posted on 02/10/2011




Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the support and helpful tips! This really is a great site. :D

Dora - posted on 02/10/2011




Give your baby as much love as you want. Don't ever let anyone tell you that loving your child too much will spoil them. Only material things can spoil your child. Also patience is the key with raising children. Enjoy every minute good and bad as the time really does fly.

Danielle - posted on 02/10/2011




Youtube "The Happiest Baby on the Block" and take a look at Dr. Karps tips.

He is amazing!! I would recommend any new parent with a baby or toddler to read his books.

Shaina - posted on 02/10/2011




Congrats! I found that the body pillow turned into my best friend, slept with it every night...I actually kicked my bf out the bed a couple times cause I needed to be surrounded by blankets and pillows! Fruits and Vegetables are a great source of energy, try to stay away from greasy, salty, fast food! Miny meals are better for nausea instead of eating 3 meals a day eat a couple snacks! Exercise is a must, walking is best but also should do a couple squats it helps with labor.

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Listen to everyone's advise but do what instinct tells you to do. Every pregnancy and baby is different so something that worked for one parent might not work for you.
Sleep as much as you can now because by the end of your pregnancy and once the baby comes it wont happen.
Eat healthy and take prenatal vitamins (they are giant and some people find they are a pain to take but they are a must) and give in to your cravings. If you are craving something it is generally a sign that you need a vitamin or something found in that food (plus its the only time its acceptable to completely indulge)
Raising a baby isn't the easiest thing you will ever do but it will defiantly be the best.

Vashti - posted on 02/10/2011




Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS!....life as you know it will never be the same again..I am not trying to scare you but, glad to share all the wonderful things motherhood can be! You can get the book " What to expect when you are Expecting! Take your prenatal vitamins.Baby Center is a great site to track your pregnancy. But most of all, enjoy your pregancy to the best that you can. In your first trimester you will probably experience a bit of morning sickness ( i had all day sickness!). You will probably feel a bit on the tired side. Try to stay active, ( wished I could...I was high risk both times and on bed rest, the entire prenancies!!) Read good books, listen to good music, talk/read to your baby...you will see how they recognise the sound of your voice when he/she is born. Try to get as much rest as you can too. Everyone has different experiences, make yours your very own and enjoy it. Congratulations again and best of luck!

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