I just recently found out that my daughters (father) is drug dealer and dealing for a really dangerous dealer. He is not on the birth certificate there is no legal DNA proof that he is her father. And ive told him repeatedly that he needs to get a real job and not fall into this path. Now his choices could put the baby in danger and he wants visitation rights away from me.. i told him i would fight him tooth and nail on that. the dealer he deals for threatened me in the back round. oh by the way he also has a record of assault on his other baby mom with a hammer. i DO NOT trust him. to protect your kid would you move and not get a listed address?


Kelsey - posted on 01/27/2013




Yes! I would move in a heartbeat. With a history like that you can get restraining order on him and there's no way in hell a judge would grant him visitation rights if he's involved in drugs or otherwise deemed dangerous. I would read up on your rights as a mother in your state just to get familiar with them. Because in my state; if there's no DNA proof saying he's the father then legally he has NO rights to see your daughter or be around your daughter. In the courts eyes, he is illegal stranger. Now if he takes you to court; depending on the state; you will probably have full custody and he'll have little to no visitation at all until he cleans up. For right now, NEVER let him have your daughter outside your presence. Since he is her father; he has rights too. Legally if he has your daughter outside your presence. He doesn't have to give her back to you and/or he could run off with her and you can't do anything to stop him because he's her father. I'm not saying this to scare you; believe me, I've had to dealing with the frighting aspect of my child not coming back to me. Read up on your rights and be informed. I felt so much better after I read up on my rights as a mother in my state. Do what's best for your little girl.


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