I just started a new group. It's called Birthday Parties Themes and Ideas. Come join and exchange ideas with other moms!!!


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Kelly - posted on 01/22/2009




Last month we did parties for both girls in one day on a Saturday. I rented my church fellowship hall ($50 for the whole day). 9-11 in the morning we had the 3-year-old a "Let's Go!" party. We took and set up every toy she has to ride, sit, bounce, or rock on, and let all the 2- and 3-year-olds go crazy! Her cake was a merry-go-round (easy to make with a bundt cake, colored icing, iced animal crackers, straws, and a round paper roof). We did animal crackers, toddler-friendly card games, and noisemakers in the goody bags. From 2-4 in the afternoon (while little one napped), we had the 7-year-old a "Fancy Girl Fashion Party". I'll admit this one was more work, and more expensive. The girls came in and got an empty "shopping" bag. They went to one table and picked hair accessories and a girl (oldest son's girlfriend) styled their hair. They got to keep their own comb and hair accessories. They went to another table and chose a color of nail polish, and my mother-in-law used lotion, massaged their hands, removed old nail polish, shaped their nails, and painted them and dried them. They kept their bottle of nail polish in their bag. They also got to "shop" for a bracelet and a tube of lip gloss, and put those in their bag. I had a mirror set up and took pictures of them "posing" and we had music going and they danced. Her cake was a "doll" cake, made with a cake baked in a large round bowl, with two round layers underneath, and a Barbie doll (wrapped in plastic wrap underneath) stuck in it. Easy to decorate with colored icing and bright candies. Both parties were huge successes! We've also had a craft-themed party (box of crayons cake). I love to do kids parties!!!

Brandie - posted on 01/22/2009





We have done: a purple party(or your childs fav color), train party(we rode a train & had cake, opened presents etc on train), a chocolate party, a candy land party.(we made squares w/contruction paper & the kids followed a path to painted refrigerator boxes at each stop they got candy), a mad hatter tea party, a dinosaur party with a dino dig, a hula pool party, a winter fun party w/campfire, sledding etc., a cat/dog party at our local humane society(everyone brought a animal food item), a pony party at a local farm, a bowling party, a backyard carnival, a pajama party, a gymnastics party... my lsit goes on- I have 4 kids and my oldest is 12... so < I have done 34 different party themes! Wow- I had never counted that up!

LOVE that you started this!

Tammy - posted on 01/22/2009




We just sent out our invites for our 6 yr old boy he wanted a Pajama Party at home. so we are doing it from 5-7 Pizza cake and games in their Jammies! for a party favor i found a site where i could order Pillowcaes in bulk (granted its gunna be ALOT) but they are .38 cents each with a total of like 30.00 white pillow caes. Each child will get to decorate it with Fabric markers!

Cassaundra - posted on 01/22/2009




Funny - my daughter and I were just talking about this tonight - she wants Barbie Diamond Princess theme this year!! :)

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