I just started my 13 month old on Whole Milk and I have many questions lol (first time mom)

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So, I started my daughter on whole milk today. The doctor said she should only be drinking two 12oz cups of milk a day. Is that enough? Also, I usually give her a bottle right before bed. It makes her sleep the entire night comfortably. So, today since the milk was new I gave her her formula bottle right before rocking her to sleep and putting her down. Do I have to keep giving her the formula? and is giving her bottle right before bed okay? and should I be putting the milk in a sippy cup? She will drink V8 50% less calories and sugar juice watered down in sippy cups, so she is used to them, and she was very good with the heated milk today as well. I have been heating the whole milk in her bottle like I do the formula, I'm not sure if that would work in a sippy cup? Sorry for all the questions. I'm a first time mom lol and I have been giving her organic whole milk!


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I say a lot is just going to be trial and error. What you want to eventually get to is no formula, no bottles, and only water before bed. But how you get there just depends on how it all works for you and your child. If she does sippy cups well then go ahead and give her milk in the sippy. If that is a struggle then do the sippy during the day with a bottle at night. For the night time bottle try to wean off that.....not everything needs to be done at the same time, so pick and choose which one to start with first. Eventually you want to get to her only having water before bed with brushing her teeth before she goes to sleep. You can wean doing many different ways. Some slowly decrease the amount of milk given. Some put water instead of formula. Do what works for you. When I weaned my daughter off her night time feeding we started with reading books together in the rocking chair instead of feeding and then rocked and said our prayers. As for heating the milk. I would see if she will drink the milk cold. If she does not like it that way I would gradually heat it less and less so over time you are able to give it to her cold. Her body does not need it warmed, but she may prefer it that way. Being able to serve it to her cold will also help when you are out and about. Makes it more convient.

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