I just started taking zoloft for anxiety/depression.Im not sure if im clinically depressed or situat

Barbara - posted on 06/13/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




situationaly depressed. My bf of 4 1/2 years & father of my child is never home. He works out of town and im lucky to see him once a week. I'm alwaya at home and never get to go anywhere unless its to the store or little errands. I've had anxiety/panic attacks for over two years but there not that bad anymore. I just started feeling really down couldn't sleep, confused, tired, nausea, loss of appetite, and just down and zoned out and anxious throughout the day. So thats what finally sent me to the doctor and they gave me zoloft. I'm just worried that i might not be clinically depressed just really really down and the zoloft might effect be in a bad way and cause me to become worse. Please i need good advice asap before i make the wrong decision to not take or continue.


Ally - posted on 06/14/2010




I totally agree with alison! From the sound of your posts and how you described what you have been feeling it is very likely that you are depressed. Your living situation is stressfull and you have a small child and not alot of help from your partner. Those things could make anyone depressed and antidepressants are an excellent resource for people who need them. I'm a psychiatric nurse who sees how effective these medications are everyday and have seen them help so many people just like you. After taking zoloft for two days it is unlikely that you would have seen any benefits (usually it takes a couple weeks) and stopping the medication can be dangerous.

Give the medication a chance to work, there is nothing wrong with being on antidepressant and if you are feeling very down and your family should really support your decision to get the help you need. Depression is an illness that sometimes requires medication...i'm sure your family wouldn't judge you if you took advil for a headache so why would they want to judge you for taking a depression medication that may help you?

hope thinkg get better..hang in there :)

Alison - posted on 06/14/2010




There is still a stigma attached to anti-depressants, but the reality is a whole lot of people are taking them and you just don't know it. Do take the Zoloft. Often, you don't realize how much your depression is affecting you until you pull out of it. There is not much of a long term risk. If it really is a situational depression, you will feel ready at some point to stop taking it.

I have been on and off anti-depressants a few times over the years (mostly for seasonal depression). And it takes a few weeks for the effects to show. You need to take them every day for them to be effective.

Honestly, I don't think your family has a clue what they are talking about, you really should get your information somewhere else. (no offense to your family, I am sure they are well intended).

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or concerns.


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I have been on anti-depressants for over 15yrs. Actually I struggled with depression as a teen but never started meds until the birth of my daughter when I was 20. I had all the same symptoms as you. Actually my home life was the same except my husband was home at nights-exhausted from factory work so he wasn't much help. I started effexor. It helped so much with the depression and anxiety. I also decided to go back to work part-time and college part-time when my daughter was one. That helped trememndously! When I became pregnat the second time, I actually naturally went off my meds. The pregnacy balanced my hormones to where I didn't meds until about three months after his birth. Iwent back on effexor but had alot of side-effects so I switched meds. I ended up having to start taking xanax additionally to help with my anxiety. I don't mind taking a couple pills at bedtime to control my depression/anxiety. This runs in my family. My mother, my brother, and my step-sister all take meds for depression. I am just careful in watching my children to make sure they don't develop systems of depression especially as teens. My daughter is doing great through her teen years. My 7yr son has some anxiety issues but nothing extreme.

Try to remember that you need to take care of your health. You can not be a good mom and wife if you are not healthy in mind, body, and spirit. It is easy to forget to take care of ourselves in scheme of everyday life. Good luck!

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I have bipolar and ptsd and I learned a long time ago not to go to a family doctor for phych meds. They don't know enough about how to diagnose you and the effects these meds have on you. Find a good psychiarist and get a proper diagnosis.

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I'm not taking it today to see how i feel. Everyone in my family is pushing me to not take it. My bf want to leave he doesnt think its good for me to be taking. I'm confused everyone says i should be able to shake the feeling hopefully so i still cant eat and just get overwhelmed bc i feel my life will never ever be the same. Also they say that if my bf were to leave me he would get full custody bc im on medication. I just dont know what to do i wanna feel better but dont know if i should do it on my own or try the medication. I hate medication and feel if i continue ill either get worse or never feel the same and have to stay on it forever. I have only taken it for two days.

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If it were me, I would take the medicine. If a doctor prescribed it to you, he is sure you need it. They don't hand out drugs to everybody who walks in... only the ones who NEED it.
If you are feeling really anxious about it, maybe start a journal. Each day sit down and spend a few minutes writing down how you feel. Maybe after two or three weeks you will start noticing your writings may be different, lighter, or even happier. If they are not... take that journal back to your doctor and talk to him about it again. He may be able to notice something in your journal that could help you.... or it will help him realize that you two should try another medication.
Each person is different, so what works for one won't help for another.
All you can do is TRY. You can't win if you don't try!

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My dr also made the decision to put me on Zoloft. They started me on the 50mg then a month later upped it to the 100mg... It has really helped me. Technically it is for postpardum depression....but I have been bi polar for as long as I can remember... but i was never officially diagnosed with it.... but its a genetic thing and grandparents on both side had it... soooo lol I knew why I was crazy but couldnt do anything about it. I would not just stop Zoloft... it can make people do and think some crazy stuff if you go cold turkey... What I would reccomend is talking to your doctor about how you are feeling. I am OMG glad that I talked to mine... I finally for the first time in almost 28 years feel "normal" lol But not all Rx's work on everybody.. my lil sis went through 4 different Rx's before they found that Prozac works best for her.... Just try to be patient and talk to your Dr. I hope that helps a little bit :)

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