I just want to be alone...

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I'm having trouble having any peace and quiet. I have a daughter who is three in november, and wont leave my side, screams hysterically if I even go upstairs without her, and wont even let me go to the toilet by myself. I love her to bits, but it's so, so frustrating. I also have a seven month old son, with all the work that that requires. Meanwhile I'm stuck in the countryside with no friends and no driving liscence, totally relying on my very absent husband for lifts. Anyway, i feel very lonely and depressed and exhausted and guilty, because my kiddies obviously love me so much, and yet all I want is my driving liscence (which ive now failed three times) so I can go out and work and have a life again.


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Belinda - posted on 08/23/2012




How about reaching out to someone in the area? see if you can invite them to visit you.

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Welcome to motherhood!!

Seriously though, it will get better. Mine are now 9 and 5, and I am now able to enjoy a little peace and quiet when they are at school. It must suck to be isolated with no-one close by, is there any way at all you can get out and meet some new friends?

I'm sorry you are having a hard time and I hope it gets better for you soon.

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