I keep feeling like I'm about to start, but I never do. What the heck?

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I had my son June 21, 2012. I started on the mini pill (birth control pills used while brestfeeding) on July 25. I started my period July 27 and it lasted about 7 days. I started another pack of bc pills when i was post to and I never had another period... ever. Well except for one day I strted cramping really bad and then i spotted for a tiny bit of the day but it stpped and never returned.I stoped brastfeeding do to weight issues with the baby on Sept. 26. still no period. I cramp everyday. I feel like im on my period but there is no blood. any ideas?


September - posted on 10/16/2012




Since you had a baby recently and you did breastfeed for some time it's going to take your body a little time to adjust to all of this. It may take several months before your cycle is regular again. If you're really concerned, talk to your doctor.


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