I know I'm dream about get up early exercise, keep up with the baby, house, hubby but how? HELP!!

Paula M - posted on 04/25/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am overwelmed I feel like Im not acomplishing things around the house, my babay is one year old and I want to be there 100% of the time but I can't he plays by himself or watches tv o listens music, once my husband comes back from work, he thinks I have not done anything, but I diiid at the end of the day, i'm tired, frustrared, dissppointed with my self I want to go back to work and have me time too, but seems impossible. help please some ideas? advice etc?.


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Alisha - posted on 04/26/2014




Organization was key to me staying on top of things with a 1 year old and a newborn. I had a daily plan list and I tried to clean up as soon as messes were made. It will never be perfect or easy. My mom gave me a serious amount of help ... She and I spent an entire week organizing every single thing in my house to make things more manageable. Once a thorough cleaning was done and I had my organization down, it flowed a lot better. Don't stress or put too much emphasis on perfection. Life is messy, children are messy, and as long as you are enjoying your child and being a good parent, then cut yourself some slack. Take a personal hour or two each day to unwind and be a woman. You cannot do a greater service for your child than taking care of his/her mom.

Gena - posted on 04/26/2014




Do you ever get time just for yourself?Try get that time for yourself to relax or do something you would like to.When my son was that age he took a nap for about two hours during the day.I would always start cleaning or doing the washing etc for 1hour,i would work real fast so that after that one hour i would have one hour left for me to relax.The best is to do a big cleaning,get everything in place and then when everything is tidy you just always clean up after yourself,its much easier to keep everything tidy that way.But dont forget,you have a one year old and it isnt the most important thing to have a tidy home..rather play with him and enjoy the time with him.Dont stress yourself to much! And ask hubby to help you out with the household,or to look after the baby that you can get some time for yourself to relax.

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