I know I'm pregnant and showing but very low hcg

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I have been nauseated, breast grown 2sizes, food cravings, gained 15 pounds and hcg level so low its barely detected. I had a tubal and came undone apparently because they say my ovaries and tubes are normal there's something wrong I look 3-4 months prego. My periods have always been irregular. They won't do ultrasound


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Michelle - posted on 07/02/2016




Porchia: Sarah didn't make any smart comments so that was uncalled for. You are posting on an open international website, you will get questions and comments that you may not like. If you are going to get snappy then I suggest you step back.

Sarah was just making some realistic comments. Why don't you book yourself in for an ultrasound or see another doctor? You have the right to get another opinion if 1 doctor isn't listening to you.

[deleted account]

First of all they won't do an ultrasound because my levels are too low she said we might try n 2weeks . 2nd of all I had an ultrasound done prior to all this n that's how I know my ovaries and tubes are normal. Apparently the surgery wasn't done if they cut tie and burn them. Keep your smart comments to yourself.

Sarah - posted on 07/02/2016




If the doctor is refusing to do an US, how do you know your ovaries and tubes are normal. If you have had your tubal ligation in the past ten years, then the tube were not just tied, the were cut, cauterized and sutured. The failure rate of that is less that 0.1%. When you say HCG is barley detectable, what do you mean? That you have negative pregnancy tests? Why won't your doc order an US, they are safe and reliable. Then you would have no doubt as to whether you are pregnant or not.

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