i know im not a parent but.....its just that im a teenager in need of some serious help

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hey, im 17 and i lost my virginity a month ago to my boyfriend tht i have known for a year and 8 months but we've been together for one year this april coming. i also took my boyfriends virginity....our virgintiy was something we both cherished and decided together tht we were ready and tht we wld face the difficulties together tht may occur, but dont be mistaken....we did use a condom.

my mom on the other had is a dreamer...boy i love her and we have been so close since there is no daddy around. now, she decides to take me to the gynaecologist because of some dreams she's having. i love my mom and i wanna tell her but how can i when she's always telling me to wait until i was 21.

a mean, even my boyfriend wanna tell her and not because of being upfront and disrespectful but because he cares about me tht much. he is more than willing to tell my mom if i dont. i love him....i seriously do and he doesnt just tell me he loves me, he shows it. i really dont wanna lie to my mom nor the doctor. please help me help us. please.

my boyfriend and i will be going to a counsellor next monday and my mom will be checking me next week wednesday as im suppose to make and appointment this friday.
- please help me.


Rebekah - posted on 03/17/2014




If she wants to take you to the gynecologist now, then her timing is amazingly good. Go to the appointment...you should go anyway, now that you are sexually active. Do not lie to the doctor...do not lie to your mother. If you feel you are mature enough for sexual activity, then you should be able to handle a mature discussion with your mother (and doctor) about it. Take responsibility and face the truth. I'm sure you don't want to disappoint your mother, but being deceptive is going to take away from your relationship with her. If she wants to take you to the gynecologist, she may have suspicions already that the time has come.

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