i know my son is in a bad relation ship he is 27 but hes considered mentaly disabled he moved out of my home where he had a good life and hes living with his girlfriends parents home they are same sex relationship he sold all his guns gave up firefighting deer hunting and just junked his car im sick of it what can i do


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Dove - posted on 12/01/2012




I don't see any problem with anything he has done.... or why it bothers you so much. He is an adult now and free to make his own choices in life.

How is he considered mentally disabled? Unless his disability is so severe that he needs a guardian (in which case he should've already had one appointed by the time he turned 18).... there is nothing you can do except love and support him and be there for him if he wants/needs you to be.

Mardi - posted on 12/01/2012




What can you do???

Support him.!!!

I have to point out, you say your son is mentally disabled, but yet, your upset he has given up his guns and deer hunting???? I'd have to ask what sort of parent you have been??? Especially as you seem to find this as a bad thing.

People often change their priorities when they get into new relationships, their world opens up and often their views do change.

I think you need to look a bit deeper to what your real problem is and maybe ask that question.....

Jodi - posted on 12/01/2012




I am not sure why you feel his relationship is bad. There is nothing wrong with her parents being in a same sex relationship, I hardly see that as a problem (although obviously you do, so that is YOUR problem, not your son's). I also can't see why it is such a negative thing to sell his guns and give up some things that perhaps he doesn't have an interest in any more. What is wrong with his GIRLFRIEND that has you up in arms over this? You haven't mentioned anything about why this is a bad relationship.

With regard to your son, not sure what the mental disability is, but unless he is so mentally disabled that he has been appointed a legal guardian because of his incapacity, then there is absolutely nothing you can do.

Michelle - posted on 12/01/2012




There's nothing you can do, he's an adult and you have to let him live his own life. He has to make his own mistakes and learn by them.

You just need to be there when things fall apart and be a shoulder to cry on.

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