i know this an old debate and i am almost 50 and have 7 kids from ages almost 17 to age 30, but the debate of circumcision is still around.

Cindy - posted on 04/01/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




The reason why i am bringing this up again is in looking on here, most of the posts are from 2010 and i just joined so i would like to know if anything has changed in this area. I have 3 boys and the oldest and youngest are circumsized and the middle son isn't and that is only because we couldn't afford it and had no health insurance then. I feel guilty because my middle son is not like his brothers and i hope and pray that that decision doesn't affect his health later on. His older brother and he were discussing it and it almost seems like he feels like he was less loved because of not getting it done. My ex-husband was circumsized so i went along with that, but i had read and studied about what was being said about all of this so i didn't think that it needed to be done, it's sad to me that this debate is still going on 20 or 30 years late. Noone really talks about it, esp. my generation or the older ones, i hope the younger generation has a much better idea about what is the best for their sons, because i can see both points of view. Cindy


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Well, Cindy, I wouldn't consider myself and my husband a younger generation than you, we are 42 and 46 respectively. I did circumcise my son, but if I had my choice over again now, I wouldn't do it. Not because we have had issues, by any means. But because I now realise it was totally unnecessary. When my husband and I had our youngest (which turned out to be a girl anyway), we did have a discussion and both of us decided we wouldn't do it.

Statistically, circumcised penises are in the minority in most countries. The US seems to be the only country so hell bent on cutting pieces off their baby boys.

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I feel guilty because my middle son is not like his brothers and i hope and pray that that decision doesn't affect his health later on.

Your middle son isn't going to have the same haircut as his brothers, or the same job, or the same taste in beer...they're all different. And it's doubtful that it'll affect his health, as long as he practices good hygiene. There are entire continents full of men who are uncut, and who manage to not get rampant infections.

If your son asks, just say that you weren't able to at the time, and in retrospect, you can see a lot of pros and cons to either option, but that if he decides that he wants to have it done so that he's the same as his brothers, then that's his decision.

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My son is not circumcised, I researched it and could not find compelling information in favor of circumcision.

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Mine were circumcised, and it caused some major health complications that surgery was required to correct at 9 years old for one. His urethra had scarred shut thanks to his circumcision and he ended up with hydronephrosis and a severe kidney infection. He required major surgery for this. The health benefits are actually not true benefits at all, any more than treating a non-diabetic infant for diabetes from birth because the risk is there. It's just foolish over-treatment.


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I have a daughter so didnt have to make that choice then dont know what the next one is yet but if it is a boy we wont be getting it done. My two nephews are done and that is fine with me because that is what there parents wanted but for me I dont see a reason unless something is wrong to put them through that and give a chance for inffection to get in. My husband is not circumsized so I really left it up to him for the final say but we both agree unless it is a medical reason it wont be done.

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I live in the Uk and it's not a issue over her, babies only get circumcised for medical reasons we don't have a choice.

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It's barbaric and cruel. Threre is ZERO evidence that there is an incresed infection chance. They are NOT harder to keep clean. The foreskin serves a valid function.

Our sons are born perfect, why mess with perfection.

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