I know you love nana & grandpa but really is there anything wrong that im doing?

Maribel - posted on 05/09/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




my son is 4 years old && he loves spending the night at his grandparents( my parents ) . he begs me to go over my family have a na acre house & have more things to do .. & i just have an apt complex im wondering if he gets bored ... he watches movies plays with his toys i read him nook i try everything , && he still wants to spend nights over at my familys.... is there anything im doing wrong i feel so overwhelmed.... like im not doing enough ? me & my husband have our little arguments & he obviously has to see that...a s ,much as we try not to.... is tht effecting him.... he curses & yells at me when its time to go back home... when i go over & pick him up.... i feel like crying... idk what ive done >>>> i need help my toddlor may not love me.....


Amy - posted on 05/09/2012




Both my 6 year old and two year old love going to my parents house. It's 4 hours away so they don't get to see them that often about once a month they come here or they go there. It really is all about them, they get the undivided attention. So it may not have anything to do with what's going on at home, but it could. I would try and limit what fighting he is exposed to. I would also try and figure out where he learned the curse words from and stop the exposure to that. Just explain to him that they aren't nice words and he shouldn't use them.

I know you live in an apartment but you should still take your son outside to play. Is there a local park you can go to? Can you take him to the library to story hour? You can get him sidewalk chalk and bubbles and find a quiet spot in the parking lot to play.

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Grandparents house is all about them....that is what is great about being a grandparent. It doesnt have anything to do with how much he loves you.

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Your little one does love you but he also can sence the atmosphere between his parents. He probably feels safe at his grandparents and that is why he wants to stay there. He is relaxed and when you come to pick him up he knows he is going back to listen to the rows. Sort things out with your husband as best you can and if things are not working then take steps to end things. Your son needs a relaxing atmosphere to grow up in not, rows and constant bickering.

At the end of the day who would not like to run around outdoors and play, rather than be stuck in an appartment. He would love it even more if mummy was there too.


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Maribel - posted on 05/10/2012




its hard when you only have one car my husband takes it to work .. && im left without it , so were just stuck at home weekely.... =( im trying hard to get another car , we have story time at bedtime , & during the day hes outside playing with his superheros & watching movies.. i play with him somtimes... just because i have 2 month old.. && it gets hard... at my familys he sees everyone!! gpa tia & tio more roudy & he likes tht i guess... some weekends i take him out we got out as a family to the theather, library & toysrus but not all the time.. i just think he prefers to be with my family... yes i will have a talk with my husband about fighting... hes a 4 yr old & he doesnt deserve to to see mommy & daddy argue /// def ... should be growing up to a happy no so fighting family.. i agree..fam also say its temporary ...because they think hes jeoulse with the new auditon ..but loves his baby brother... i really need to make him feel home sweet home... i will try to not fight in front of him will(NOT)... && TRY to do activites at home like painting && being creative with art... thats the most i can do .. && maybe limit him going over to nana n grandpa.... thanks for the help....

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