I live in Florida I have 5 children. Things have changed a lot. We all knew each other when I was a child and look out for one another.But now. Somwone told me they knew of a little girl of 7. That was home alone all the time. Her mother was killed 3 years back and father recieved custied of child.The little one has been getting her on self ready for school and walks there alone every morning and evening and the father sometimes is not home till late at night. My friend said the police had been there many times for fighting with girlfriends.That DCF,Schools and the law does nothing to help this child.I am tring to get my friend to give me the oerson address so maybe some how I can get someone to help her. Very sad. No mommy anymore to keep her safe. So I am asking all you moms to give me ideas on how to help this child and the laws for leaving a little there to take care of her self. Thank you,


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Ev - posted on 05/05/2015




You may need to keep calling if you are that worried about it and nothing has yet been done. Sometimes it takes a few calls to get anything done.

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