i live with my in laws, when i got pregnant my mother said that my child would starve amoungst other things....so i had a beautiful baby girl about a month ago....wen i came home from the hospital my mother told my husband that she nt getting to do anything 4 the child. i am her mother so i want to bathe her an feed and stuff is that wrong of me?? that i keep my daughter kinda away from her.....because of how i feel??


Firebird - posted on 09/09/2012




You know what? It's your job to do these things for your own kid. If she's going to start being rude because you want to be the kind of mother who takes care of her own children, she's the one who's got issues to work out. Sounds like mother in law needs to take a step back and remember that she is grandma, not mom. However, since you live with them, it would probably be smart to let her do a couple of more things for your daughter. Get her to watch baby while you shower, and let her feed baby, like once a day. And get the hell out of there and into your own house as soon as you can. It'll only get worse as your baby grows.


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Marissa - posted on 09/09/2012




but i do it myself because of what she said.......and when i do let her help she tries to take control......and i jus feel overwelmed with this baby fued....

Michelle - posted on 09/09/2012




There is nothing wrong with you wanting to do stuff for your child, however you should try to include others in the household in her care even if it is something as simple as can you hold her for me while I have a shower or can you watch her for a few minutes while I do this. Sounds like your husbands mother just wants to help, and though you are not huge on it right now there will come a time when you might want a few seconds to yourself.

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