I'll start giving my 10 months old baby the bottle instead of breastfeeding him :-)

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So , it's been a ''long'' road , what began with just the first 3 months , became 6 months and now at 10 months I feel like its time to change to the bottle , since I'm not producing as much milk as before and the occasional nipple biting , it feels like the right thing to do.

What I would like to know is : How do you gals think that I should use , since he's not familiar with the bottle (he drinks juice from a cup) and methods that you can advice for us to try? Thanks in advance and have a great day !!!! :-)


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I agree I wouldn't even introduce a bottle. He may not even take one. My daughter refused a bottle. You may also be producing more than you think. They are so efficient at getting the milk out at this age and he's so close to being 1 you might want to consider waiting and go straight to cows milk. If/when you do wean go slow. Cold turkey can be very stressful on both baby and mom. It also drastically increases your chance of engorgement, clogged ducts and mastitis. Gradually cutting out 1 feeding at a time allows your body to adjust your milk production and keep you pain and infection free. Cut out one feeding starting with one of the least important (like mid day) and wait a few days or a week and then cut out another feeding. Usually the last and first feeding are the most loved by the little one and should go last. My daughter (18mo) still nurses before bed and often before nap time.

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Why bother with a bottle at all? If he can drink from a cup, then put whatever liquids he consumes in the cup!

Edit to add: I'm not advocating stopping breastfeeding though. But you could pump and let him drink from a cup. That would actually make the transition to a cup easier as well.


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I agree with the others, if he's having juice in a cup he'll be fine with milk in the cup. I changed my kid over to cups instead of bottles at that age.

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why not try using just the cup for milk? They should have only a cup from 6 months, no bottles. Weaning you will need to cut out one feed per week (do it as slowly as possible if he is reluctant). Good luck and well done for making it to 10 months. I am absolutely dying to stop breast feeding but intend to at least until 12 months unfortunately

Jenni - posted on 05/11/2011




I agree with the others. Don't bother with the bottle! If he uses a cup, that's great!

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Definitely skip the bottle. If you have decided to wean, and he already drinks from a sippy, put his milk in that.

Simone - posted on 05/11/2011




I agree with Donna, if ur baby drinks from a cup then dont bother with a bottle, it ends up much harder to ween them off the bottle. My daughter is 4yrs old and I took her off the bottle when she was 10mths and I have no regrets.

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