i look after a freinds boy who is 6 years old could do with advice for his toilet issues !!

Terina - posted on 08/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




i look after a freinds boy ( i am being paid ) so she can work full time i have him from 9 til 5 every day monday to fri in the holidays and monday to friday 3 till 5 during term time .
he has always been a bit lazy when it comes to going to the loo , wetting himself neqarly every day when i 1st had him , he has cut down the amount of accidents he has but i constantly need to ask him if he needs to go as he bounces around holds his bits but he always says no, one time i went into the bathroom after him and he left a discusitng mess of poo on my loo seats i asked if he had an accident he said no so i assumed he didnt wipe himsef and i got him to clear it up when his mum came to collect him i had told her and she agreed i did the right thing, later that night i got a call from her ,he had an accident at mine after all , i was surprised that a 6 yr would poo themselves and spend the rest of the day playing like nothing happened! his mum was adament it was because he was embarassed which of course i understand but if he just went he wouldnt be embarassed iin the 1st place . he lies all the time about the stupidest of things such as needing the loo then lying if he has an accident , to being really sneaky with things that if you walk into a room he will stop whatever he is doing completely so u never really know what he doing ! i dont know what to do really i have to make him go to the toilet by telling him off before he pees everwhere which is frustrating cos he knows better but worse cos hes not mine . i have to literally baby him make sure he goes to the loo when he needs it washes his hands drinks a drink its becoming really anoying . how would you guys deal with this , remeber this is my job at the mo so kinda have to accept it some ways or do i ??


Amy - posted on 08/10/2012




Maybe you set up a routine that happens every day. For example as soon as he gets off the bus, he uses the bathroom, washes his hands, and then has a snack. Just explain that this is the same routine you're going to follow everyday. Even if he says he doesn't have to go just tell him he needs to try because it's the routine that you're going to follow.

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