I look and feel pregnant, however, my hpts have came out with mixed results...is there a good chance you think I am indeed pregnant?

Jennifer - posted on 11/22/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi everyone, really going through a very rough time. I am 29 years old, and I have 5 children. 4 of them are living and I had gave birth to my daughter this past April and she was stillborn. It turned out to be a chord accident and the chord was tightly wrapped figure 8 style around her little ankles and legs. It cut her circulation off and she passed away in my belly. I found out and had to deliver her right away. I was in dissbelief and absolute shock. It felt as though I was having a terrible nightmare that I could not wake up from. It still hurts and feels like a nightmare but time has went by and although it is getting a little bit easier to cope nowadays, we will never forget her and we will always miss and love her. This was my first child I had with my new husband and even though we are still grieving we recently started trying for another baby. I finally think I am pregnant! (7 months after losing our baby girl) However, I took a few at home tests and got mixed resluts. The first was an extremly light positive that you could only see when holding the test up to the light. That test was taken around Nov 5th. And I was expecting my period around the beginning of November as well. Then I had 2 negatives later on in the week, but still ongoing symptoms and no period so I took another test. That one came out positive again, this time I could see the line without looking at it under the sunlight however it was still very light. So, I bought an expensive test thinking Im buying shoprtite tests Ill buy an expensive one. I got a First Response detect pregnancy 6 days before your missed period. Those came out negative but I checked one that i saved and a few days later it changed to positive. Now I know they say dont read results after 10 minutes, however my friends and family call me the queen of pregnancy and hpts. I never once took a test and had a neg that later turned out to be positive. Only with past children did I hold onto a negative test, it turned positive days later, and it actually was a real positive bc I did eventually find out I was really pregnant. Also I have experience with having extremely light results in the beginning of pregnancy, but never have I had negatives and positives!?? And for the last several weeks I have had very strong pregnancy symtoms...They are morning sickness that last most of the day (even a few actual times I did get sick), heightened sense of smell (some good and some really terrible), fatigue, dizziness, headache from time to time, cravings for certain foods, bleeding gums when brushing teeth (happened twice last week and only has happened when Ive been pregnant before), the breast pain associated with pregnancy (not sore breasts like when Im pms'ing but that very distinctive breast pain when you are pregnant), blue veins in chest are popped out, and I can even squeeze my nipples and I believe it's colestrum thats coming out. And i havent been able to squeeze anything from my nipples for months, but now I can!? I stopped taking tests around November 12th because of the mixed resluts I figured I know my body is pregnant and I will just wait for the next few weeks and scedule an appt for the doctor and see what happens. Ive been treating my body as pregnant bc it sure looks like it too. I have even had 2 friends and my 3 year old ask if I was pregnant bc I am showing! But yesterday I took a dollar store test and still negative! I am really hoping I am pregnant and I really believe I am but its not likely I have neg hpts if I am pregnant. Is this possibly associated with being pregnant so close to just delivering a baby 7 months ago? Any help is appreciated!

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