I lost custody of my daughter. I feel horrible.

Jennifer - posted on 03/25/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I split up from my daughter's father when she was younger. He had been unfaithful and didn't give two hoots about me. He would go out and do his own thing, while I struggled working a full time job, attending full time classes online and taking care of our daughter and making sure all of our bills got paid. We both started dating again and when my boyfriend proposed to me, he became outranged and threw this huge custody battle in my face over it. I didn't understand why he was so furiouys, when he had been so unfaithful to me and he himself was in a "committed" relationship with someone else. We have been fighting back and forth and the lies coming from his end were ridicuouls. His brother was a top family attorney in our court jurisdiction, so of course his firm was representing him, his family with unlimited funds to offer him. Me, I had my family for support, but representation wise, I had to put every penny I had saved throughout my life into this. I feel as if my lawyer and his brother had something going on that I didn't know about along with our court appointed GAL. The lies he, his family, and his friends told that were so untrue about me. They all knew the realy truth and actied like it never happened. These people that I trusted and confided in when things were hard between us when we were together were like it never happened. I had just come to find out now that I have lost her, because they feel he is better suited towards her. He rarely did anything for her since she was born. I got her up every morning, put her to bed every night. Stayed home with her when she was sick, took her to all her appointments, took her to extracurricular activites and so on. To have him turn everything around on me and make it look like I was the one doing all these things has completely destroyed me. I feel so defeated and useless. I keep thinking about how I will not get to tuck her into bed everynight, pick her up everyday from school, get to see her or hear her voice everyday. I cannot believe this has happened to me. I thought I had done everything right with her and to be told that I wasn't good enough to be her mother just really hurts. I feel like I have failed my daughter and I don't know what I did wrong. Has anyone else gone through something like this? Would really like someone to relate to. I feel like I will never get over this.


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I totally understand how u feel,I lost custody of my two kids several years ago,the circumstances were different ,I was with someone who was abusive he wasn't the father of my kids ,I was a single mom at the time I met him ,their father is only in their life when its convenient to him,anyway my boyfriend was abusive and controlling ,and because I was in an unhealthy relationship I lost them ,I felt so empty and lost ,I had to close their bedroom door cause it was to hard to walk by without bursting into tears,but the pain I felt motivated me to work to get them back ,I had to take counseling and get my mind right and forgive myself as a mother ,I have them back now its going on 2 years now,and we couldn't b happier ,it is a long journey but u will make it,its a time like this u realize how strong u really are ,and ur in my prayers ,good luck to you :)

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