I lost it today and yelled at my 5 year old.

Jackie - posted on 08/22/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a problem with yelling at my 5 year old. I have tried putting myself into time out. It works if I can remember to do it and have the time, but I don't always have that convenience. I have tried counting to 10, but I don't think it works very well for me. I have decided to try being completely silent. The reason I am going to try being silent is because usually the only reason I ever yell is because I feel I am not getting through to her and/or she is not listening to me or completely ignoring what I say to her. Does anyone have experience with this? Would like some feedback for sure! Please!


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S. - posted on 08/23/2012




I'm a yeller too. sometimes it's not till I'm literally in the middle of a full blown argument! I think s**t i can't believe I'm arguing with a child! I yell less now I'm older I think i'v realised yelling or talking or keeping quiet none of it works lol ;)

No I count and walk away, I go back deal with it like a grown up. When my 13 year old was about 5 (when I was in my prime of yelling) I sat with my child and we wrote down what I didn't like her doing and that she didnt like me yelling (kind of like a naughty book full of our own rules) I promised to try and so did she. It was just kind of a reminder how we both should be. However that would never work with my 4 year old who can push my every button some days, with her if I show weakness she will use it, I need to stay very strong with her, keep calm and be consistent also with her if I shout she shouts back so she tought me to calm down and find knew ways.

Dove - posted on 08/22/2012




I'm a yeller. I'm certainly not PROUD of it, but it's always just so 'easy' for me to go there.

My advice.. Keep trying NOT to yell. I know it's so easy to come out when they aren't listening and you are just so frustrated, but having 11 years of parenting experience I am here to tell you... yelling doesn't help at all.... and now I've got an entire family full of people that yell at each other WAY too much. :(

I think being silent and walking away could help. Maybe when you are in 'time out'.... write out exactly what you want to say to her... the yelling version to vent and then the practical version to calmly share with her to try and get some progress. Sorry... I don't have much else to offer since I'm still struggling with it.

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