I lost my baby girls.

Anna - posted on 08/20/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello. My name is anna. I found out I was pregnant on March 3, 2015. Later on I found out I'm pregnant with identical girl twins. I named them Mollie Ann Mayes and Maddie Kay Mayes. I went into labor at 26 weeks (July 24, 2015) and they got transported as soon as they were born. Mollie passed 6 days later from a pulmonary hemorrhage and respiratory distress syndrome. Maddie passed 11 days after birth from kidney failure. They were both almost 2lbs.I just buried them and I feel extremely depressed and suicidal. I either dont want to live or I want to be pregnant again. I don't have a job and not many friends to see. Most of the time they are working. I need help and support. I feel like I will never be happy unless I have my babies. I've been constantly thinking of suicide for a couple of days now. Thank you for taking the time to read..


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NOELINE - posted on 08/21/2015




Hi there im so sorry for ur loss i cant talk out of experience but my sister lost her little girl she was 5months pregnant she passed away due to Edwards down syndrome it was sad sad sad all i could do was to be there for her she had a little boy less than a year after her loss im not saying the new baby will replace ur twins but wait a wile talk about it it will make you feel better
stongs and hope all goes well for you

Ishvisahaani - posted on 08/21/2015




Hi Ann, I am so sorry for the loss. I can understand your feelings. It is very hard to come out from that. Try to engage in other activities to divert your mind. Generally I believe that there is always one good thing will come after a bad. I know It is easy to say words but you have to be strong in this situation.

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