I lost my son David at the age of 25 years old it was very sudden and I miss him


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Sidra - posted on 10/26/2013




i'm so sorry for your loss. Everyone grieves differently, but when I lost my mom (it's not the same as loss of a child) I felt very helpless, and asked myself, I should've said this......I should've done that.....but we can't focus on those thoughts........He is in a better place, not just saying that, I truely believe it, and when we grieve the dead, it's because WE miss them.....they are fine......in paradise......it's us who are left to suffer on this earth. I don't know if you pray, or are spiritual, but whatever you believe, read about it....focus on the positive memories.....and I truly believe David is always by your side, and he doesn't want you to suffer. God Bless, take care of yourself, and remember ......Life is for the living. Don't feel guilty , there's nothing you could've done, focus on the future and your health.....plus, we will all be together one day.

Kristy - posted on 10/26/2013




Hello.... I am so sorry for your loss. May you be blessed with peace an comfort from your family and friends. I lost my mother this past April, and even though it is truly not the same as the loss of a child. Something I have learned in my grieving that it is completely ok to scream and throw rocks at a tree. I know that sounds silly but it has helped. Mom and I was very close. I miss her greatly. But remember one thing NO ONE can take your beautiful memories away from you. I will pray God gives you peace and remind you of all the wonderful things your son brought your life.

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