I love my husband......but for some reason, a while back he insisted on letting our now 16 month old fall asleep in our bed. At first it didn't bother me - I thought it was nice that our boy would be there with us.....then I started to wonder if this was a really smart thing to do; trust me, I'm not the brains of this operation but I did question whether or not this was a good idea - SEVERAL times. Shoot, his own brother - who is a DOCTOR and his sister, who has SEVEN children, said it wasn't a good idea to do that. So guess what? Now I'm the one that's taking him upstairs before he falls asleep in our bed and it's been like bloody murder to our son. I'm doing the best I can (and my husband has said he messed up on this one ) but I'm going out of my mind trying to get this kid to sleep on his own. Any suggestions? And please - no need to bash me/us - I totally know we shouldn't have done that to start with.....


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I would put a one of yours or dads used sweat shirts over a pillow then when he goes to bed he can still smell mom and dad. This might help the projector works as well my daughter loves it.


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Thank you SO much for the suggestions! I really appreciate it and I feel MUCH better about is now :)

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You just have to transition him slowly. Buy him a cool new set of sheets or let him pick them out. Get him a special night light. Kids also like flash lights and they make some study ones for toddlers. I've seen one at Wal Mart. Long story short, our 4 year old son has gone back and forth from our bed to his since birth. When he was around a year old, he preferred his bed at the time so we got him a Fisher Price Take Along Projector. It plays soothing music and puts cute little pictures on the ceiling and it's not expensive. I'll put the link below. Just remember, it's a habit you and your husband let him make, so y'all need to be gentle in breaking it. Be patient and know that it's not gonna happen overnight.

One last thing, your last statement, "And please - no need to bash me/us - I totally know we shouldn't have done that to start with....." "Should" is the worst word a parent can say to themselves. We all make choices and sometimes we discover that something wasn't the wisest choice for us. You're not liking bed sharing. I do. We're just different and neither is wrong, so don't let anyone here tell you otherwise. Anyone who would bash you for sleeping with your baby SHOULD keep their mouths shut :) Best of luck Momma.

Edited to add the link! DOH! LOL


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