I Love My Stretch Marks

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I have stretch marks all over my belly, underneath my belly, around my breasts too. I love my stretch marks, my 3 boys made them and I love my boys for it. I am proud of my stretch marks.

Are you proud of your stretch marks?


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I am so happy you mommies. I wear my stretch marks with pride also. Yesterday I was showering with my 6 year old son Asher and he asked about my stretch marks, I told him that you and your brothers gave me my stretch marks while you were inside me, he then came forward kissed my belly and said "Thank you Mommy" and kissed my belly again and I held him for awhile.

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Elizabeth - posted on 04/23/2013




A proud mom of stretch marks, is a proud mom...point black. We wear it proud. However, exercises and over the counter medication could secured your mind from the media marketing strategy. I think...


As J-LO would say...

Charlie - posted on 05/08/2011




I have A LOT of stretch marks , can't say I love them , don't hate them either they are just part of my body , I dont find them good looking or attractive , I dont really care either way .

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I love mine but then again i did not get many..got none on my tummy.I got back in shape very well after baby number two.I have seen really bad deep,red/purple stretch marks.Even though your proud of your body after having a child, i think i would feel different if i had them as bad as my friends.They don't like them at all.You can hardly see my c-section scar..half the time you have to feel it to know its there.Little raised.Other wise its invisible.I am proud of that.A reminder for life of her birth.:-)

Jenn - posted on 05/07/2011




Nah, I don't love my stretch marks but they drive me to keep fit and healthy so they dont look worse:) I am proud of my csection scar and my saggy post-breastfeeding boobs though.

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I appreciate your honesty Jennifer, I love hearing different views on this, It's great. I appreciate it. I like to hear more from other moms.

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I don't 'love' them as in I think they're pretty lol. They're hideous! But when I think about what they represent and how hard we worked for me to be able to say 'my babies gave me stretch marks' I smile and suddenly don't care if I was covered head to toe with them.

Jenni - posted on 05/07/2011




I wish I had your positive attitude on them, Marisa! But, I personally... despise them. ;)

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Don't have stretch marks but I have nasty varicose veins that I'd love to laser off! Seriously, it's not something I'm proud of. Sorry, but it's the truth.

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You ladies have an awesome outlook on something most women hate! ♥ I have some on my hips now but as my cousin told me, it's a right of passage into womanhood and motherhood. I had 9 miscarriages before I had my daughter and lost my son's twin so have lost 10 babies total so yes, I wear my stretch marks with pride and unmeasurable appreciation that I was given such beautiful gifts from God, my 2 babies.

Tara - posted on 05/07/2011




God, yes :) After reaching a point where I never thought I was going to have children and then winding up with two healthy girls after horrible pregnancies and deliveries, yes, I love my stretch marks and am so proud I have them :D

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