I love the fact my husband puts our little angel FIRST!I think its pretty selfish that some of you women think you should come before your daughters.When you decided to have a baby your needs come second.I do agree that happy relationships make happy parents but I disagre with the fact that a daughter is daddys princess and your the queen comment.You sound like a bitter insecure person,I grew up with a mom like that and we never speak now because of her disgusting behavior.Grow up stop being selfish and realize its a beatiful thing when a father puts his daughter first!Thats a bond that will never be broken and ifyou try he will forever resent you as will she.so please think about your behavior before the relationship between you and your family get permenitly damaged.


Trisha - posted on 03/03/2015




My exes mom said something that I will forever remember, that doesn't quite agree with what you say. And I agree with her.
When her children used to tease her and ask her "Who do you love most" between her 2 sons, her response was "I love your dad most. I chose him, and after you guys move out and have your own lives, your dad will still be here."
There has to be priority put on the spousal relationship. Watching your relationship with your husband/wife is where your children will get their sense of what loving relationships should be like.

Raye - posted on 03/02/2015




I think you meant to reply to a specific post, and not create a new thread.

You are correct that children need to have the love and affection of their parents and be a top priority (notice I didn't say THE top priority. But the parents also need to have healthy, respectful relationships where they treat each other well, and are good role models for their kids. Priorities change depending on which situation needs more attentions at the time. So, while your kids are a top priority, your relationship with your significant other is also a top priority.


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Kara - posted on 03/03/2015




You are allow absolutley right!I saw a post somewhere on here and it was mothers that where jealous of their husbands and daughters relationship.A woman posted how she needed to been the priority over the baby to her husband.I read it and it just really got to me.How can a mother been jealous over her own baby?!A baby is innocent and to harbor feelings of resentment toward a child because their daddy is making his child his world is awful.I agree with the fact that its a juggling act,me personally well I think its a beautiful thing when a father and daughter have a strong bond.My husband adores our baby girl and I love how he puts nothing ahead of her.He has enough love for the both of us.Instead of being jealous and sitting in the back watching I say jump in the action and live in the moment.Those presious moments go fast and before you know it your baby will been allow grown up.cherish it don't take it for granted.Yes God should come first,without God we are nothing,I agree.:-)

Chana - posted on 03/03/2015




I love that my husband puts our girls 4 and 2 first and I wouldn't want it any other way. My dad almost always put me first and it made me feel loved and secure as a person. Even though my husband puts the girls first he always seems to know when I need his attention and gives it to me. It maybe has simple has walking over and giving me a hug or a kiss or simply just teasing me like he has done since the time we started dating. However at the same time I put them first too but also know when he needs me. So it is a matter of knowing each other and what we need and want. When you become a parent you have to know that you will have to give a lot and sometimes that is your spouse's attention.

Jodi - posted on 03/02/2015




I think there are times when mum comes first and times when a child comes first. It's important to nurture both relationships equally.

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