I'm 16 & really scared to leave my 19 year old partner!

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I'm 17 years old. My partner is 19. Is it possible for him to take away my son if he has bad records. For example having to go to court because he had weed in his fathers car, getting speeding tickets, or for getting tickets for parking in an invalid space?? If we go to court can he ask to take my son for the whole weekend?? I really don't hope so because I am scared for my sons safety! Can anyone give me any answers!

P.s: I'm also scared of what his parents could do. They have told my partner that if I didn't want to leave to Texas with them that my partner had all the right to take him because he's over 18. These are reasons why I'm scared to leave him. The reason I want to leave him is because we argue too much over thongs he's done to me all because he listened to his parents! & NO we do not fight in front of my 3 month old.

Thank you! :(


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I agree with the other two ladies but if he's asking you to go to another state don't go. Once you reside in that other state for a certain period of time that state will hold jurisdiction and that is where you will end living for the next 18 years of your childs life unless you can get the court to say you can move out of state.

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Ditto what Kelly said.

He's just as much a parent as you are, DNA wise. He has just as much right to his child as you do to yours.

Your best option at this point is to involve an attorney, get things in writing NOW, and adhere to them.

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Unfortunately, this is the man you chose as the father of your baby, and his rights to the baby are equal to yours. Whether you stay with him romantically or not, he will likely be in your life for the rest of your life. The only way to completely get him out of it is to ask him to sign away his rights to the baby, and hope he agrees. No court will force him to do that, but a lot of times, if a man is not interested in being a father, he will agree. That said, if he does that, you can not collect child support if you need it.

IF he so chooses, he can take you to court and ask for court ordered visitation. If you don't follow the court ordered visitation schedule, he can file contempt of court charges against you, which can result in you losing custody. Most states will award visitation to him unless you can prove that the baby would be in danger while in his care. Most of the offenses you listed would not put the baby in danger in the eyes of the court. Most courts would not award him sole custody unless he can prove that you are an unfit mother. Also, his age has nothing to do with the court system--you and he have the same rights despite his age.

That said, if he has not taken you to court yet, and you do not plan to stay with him, you need to leave as soon as possible, and take him to court for child support if you intend to collect any financial support.

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