I'm 20 years of age with a 2 year old daughter. I am engaged but I'm afraid I might be pregnant I'm not ready for 2 babies what should I do! Will my life be messed up if I'm young with 2 babies


Niki - posted on 06/08/2014




Felicia, congratulations on your engagement. My son is 20 and I could not imagine him having two children, but he is not engaged to be married. I couldn't help but notice that, although you will soon be married to the baby's father (I am assuming), your comments were all about you and your life. Have you spoken to your fiancé about your fears? How does he feel about having a second child so soon? You won't be doing this parenting thing alone. As far as messing up your life...if you are referring to you being able to go out with friends a lot or go on all the vacations and adventures you can imagine, then you are probably going to find it difficult to also raise two children under three and possibly work, and live that life of twenty-something fun and travel. As far as messing up a life where you and the person you love work, take care of and enjoy time with your children, and take care of your home together then you have to know plenty of people your age have done it successfully even without a support system or a close family. If you have those two things then it becomes a little easier to do. Of course, no one can tell you what to do with your life. As a little time goes by and you open up to your fiancé and maybe your family about how you feel the decision will hopefully becoming very clear to you. I do wish you happiness and health. Hugs to you. ♥

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