I'm 31 years old nd im egaged with 2 sons (8) & (3). My Mother lives with me . I'm trying my best here to raise my kids a lil better then i was raised with mo re self esteem and be funny . But it's really hard to stand my ground with her because she talks mean things in front of my children about me and she just prys everytime i say no to my kids. I talked , I yelled , I even told her to move out. She lives in my house for free and when me and my fiance need a break , she will not babysit without a cost $$ . How can i deal another way to this situation? i tried everyhing possible.


~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/24/2013




I would have to tell her to move out. Point blank. Give her 1 month, and tell her she needs to leave because you and your family need to be just that.

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