I'm 36 years old and I just recently stop talking to my mom because of her husband's inappropriate comments. I need some advise..


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Mari - posted on 08/31/2015




I did just that. but like always she try's to get me to talk to him. I told her I want nothing from him. Don't want to look at him. She said fine. But as soon as I need a ride somewhere last minute because my husband needs the car for work. Right away. She throws him at me,, ( he can give you a ride if you ask him). Or (. If it's that important to you, you'll take the ride and stop being so stubborn,) Dam how I try but I can't anymore. I only tell her because I'm explaining my situation to her not because I'm asking her for help. That being said. I stopped talking to her again, but I missed her again, I had just recently started talking to her December of 2014. And we seem to be good, so I thought, turns out my youngest brother just found out that his 5 yr old son might had been molested by the same pervert that tried to molest me, (my moms husband and his biological dad.) And all my mom could say to him is (he said it's not true he would never to that. He is willing to take a lie detecting test.). Same bull he told her when I told her about all those years since I was a little girl and he tried to be with me and all the inappropriate comments. My nephew said crying " grandpa mean he touch me bad". He didn't say he hit me he said touch me. I'm done with her. One thing she is good at is making her self the victim. I'm the bad Doughter, my brothers are no better. She doesn't tell them the real story. I'm so done, I don't have time for this or her anymore I tried. I have my own kids. To worry about. My baby girl is 20 and I'm greatful, thankful that my husband their step dad is not a pervert/pedifile. I know one thing my Four kids come first. I'm not perfect but I know I'm a better mom than her, even though I struggle with trust, anxiety, panic attacks. I'm very antisocial, and very insecure, but somehow Ived manage to raise good kids, My kids are very respectful and understand my situation. My kids are social all those good things I could never be. I know I must be doing something right

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/17/2014




Make arrangements to meet your mother outside of her home and her relationship. That way you don't have to deal with his bullshit!

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