I'm 7 weeks pregnant my boyfriend wants me to have abortion

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I'm 29 he says now isn't the time and I'm taking it away from him he said he will never agree to it I am not getting an abortion at all I have no children and my first pregnancy in other relationship I got to 17 wks on 20 wk scan it died I was the most horrible time so if everything works out with this I will take happy I'm very scared of losing or problem but I would love my baby I've been with dad for 2 half years I love him but he's still not happy I'm doing this I hope in few weeks 12 WK scan he will realise if not its going to be scary what should I do pls help x


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This is a horrible dilemma to be in. I do hope everything works out. You have to go with what you feel is right. If you do not believe in abortion you should not get one or feel forced to get one. If you do not want an abortion you should not get one or feel forced to get one. This sort of situation is so hard when the guy feels like he does not get a say in things. Which is sad but if he did not want kids ... he had options. This sort of thing should not be left up to the woman because if he chose to leave it to the woman then she gets to make the choice. Sorry that was soap boxy. Wishing you the best in a hard situation. Good luck. I had a miscarriage at three months when I was in my twenties... it was awful. My second pregnancy went very well and I now have a beautiful and healthy 9 year old girl.

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