I'm a 11 year old girl, I really do need a bra.

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I don't feel comfortable asking my dad, sence I don't talk to my mom I kind of have to. Lately I've been wearing cami's under EVERYTHING! I've been looking at Nikes website at their sport bras and I think they would be better than regular bras, I do play many sports. Last year my aunt made me feel a little awkward after giving me bright pink regular padded bras, I tried wearing them but they would show under everything and were very tight. Please leave below some tips that help me get a bra because I really need one badly.


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You are 11. If you don't have your mom to talk to... you are just going to have to talk to your dad. If you have a close relationship w/ a friend's mom... maybe you can talk to her first. You are going to have YEARS of issues a lot harder to talk about than a bra, so it's best if you can overcome whatever is keeping you from speaking to a trusted adult NOW... before you really need someone.

You can do it!

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If you can't go to your mom, and you aunt tried to help it didn't work so well, as awkward as it may feel, I encourage you to go to your dad. He isn't going to be shocked. You don't need to have him go shopping with you. If you have a close girlfriend, maybe you could ask her mom to take the both of you? Sports bras are a comfortable way to start out and if you do play sports, you will need some anyway. However, it is good to know your size and the best way to do that is to go to a department stored and ask one of the women in the lingerie department to measure you. They do this every day. If you wear a light weight shirt you can be measured without having to take it off. Once you know your size, the staff will give you a few to try on in private to see how they fit. You may need some help with the straps so don't be shocked if the staff offer to help with getting it to fit right.
I know it can be embarrassing but I think you'll feel better if you just tell your dad. You don't want to go behind his back and have him find them in the laundry, right? If you dad is your primary caregiver, then there are many more topics you are going to have to discuss with him down the road, so this is a good place to start. Hang in there!


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