I'm a 27 year old single, widowed mother of four children but custody of one. My husband passed away almost two years ago and my daughter hasn't seen HIS mother much since then, and even before he passed away. I RECENTLY allowed my daughter to stay a short period with her, when I went to pick my daughter up she cried to stay with her grandma, I let her. I know she missed her, cuz they are BESTFRIENDS. We'll since then I let her stay a couple more days and now she REFUSES TO RETURN MY DAUGHTER! What can I do?


Sarah - posted on 11/26/2014




Call the police and get your child. If you want to give her one more chance to keep peace, call her and tell her you will be there at whatever time and to have your daughter ready to go.
If your child pitches a fit, pick her up and go. Kids have a hard time with transitions and can act like you are torturing them when you change gears. You are her mother, no one has the right to keep your child from you.

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