I'm a 34 yr old adult and my mother snooped through my phone

Susan - posted on 01/05/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son left an old phone of mine that I let him play games on over at my mothers house while she was watching him. I found out after we left that she went through it reading old text messages I'd sent to people. She proceeded to tell other people in the family what the messages were about. I confronted her about it and she said she got on the phone to delete a picture my son had taken of her because she said she didn't like it. I told her it was a terrible excuse because he's 4 and he doesn't care. I let it go for the time being because it was the holidays and i wanted it to be peaceful. I invited her and my family to my home on xmas eve. They all show up with just my families gifts and none of their own to exchange. What I mean is my mom left my sisters and her daughters gifts back at her house because she planned on them having a separate holiday get together with just them excluding my family. I thought the point of having christmas at my house meant everyone was involved in the gift exchange not just my family. When it came time to open gifts it was just my family opening presents while everyone else just sat around. The same thing happened on Thanksgiving. My mom was hosting thanksgiving at her place. When my family came that day come to find out everyone celebrated the night before eating, drinking and playing board games. So the day of nobody was into it. I have talked to my mom about how this bothers me. Apparently she doesn't care because she doesn't change. She continues to exclude my family or do things to cause drama or hurt my feelings. I haven't talked to her since xmas eve.

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