I'm a first time mom and breast


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Sarah - posted on 03/07/2015




Make sure you have a really good latch, and don't pull baby off without breaking the seal with your finger first. Expressing a few drops of breastmilk after you feed and letting it air dry can really help healing. The pain you describe, may be milk let down. I have not heard it described a "shooting" before, more of a "electrical, tingling, burning sensation" The pain you have, is it like a needle or is it more diffuse?

Marcie - posted on 03/06/2015




Thank you. Actually I wasn't finished posting and I hit "done". Lol what I was meaning to type out is that I am a new mom who is breast feeding and pumping and still dealing with cracked nipples and sometimes a shooting pain in my right breast after pumping or nursing. My daughter is two months old now.

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