I'm a single mom (Divorced). I live with my children. My question is how I treat my kids without losing my temper. I want to be a loving and carrying mother. But most of the time I'll be aggressive. Pls share your experience as a single mom. Thanks


Heather - posted on 07/18/2013




Being a single parent is hard and can be challenging at times. When there isn't someone else there to allow you to "escape" for a little while to decompress pressure can build along with underlining resentment, frustration, anger, etc... I find talking to a counselor or members of my single parent support group very helpful. Sometimes I just need someone else to say "Hey, I understand." and other times I just need the chance to privately throw a tantrum like a two year old just to get out some of the negative emotion. Some single parents try to protect their children a little too much and find themselves not talking to their children as they should. When I started explaining to my kids some of the things that are going on and how I felt about it or my point of view and asked how they felt about it many of the disagreements or misunderstandings disappeared. We have family meetings sometimes to talk about things coming up and to problem solve some issues. If you feel exhausted, say so. If you're feeling grouchy, say so. If you're feeling overwhelmed, say so. Kids get it. Take care of the big things first - the areas that cause the most negativity. Tackling too much won't get you anywhere and don't forget to find a healthy way to let your feelings out.

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